Friday, September 07, 2007

Balls I Tell Ya!! Balls!!

With the latest videio tape from Osama bint Laden, I started to get Foghorn Leghorn flashbacks. Like when dealing with Willie the Weasel and then thinking of the Democrat lead Congress with the likes of Harry 'Petreaus is a Liar' Reid, Nancy 'So Asad how's my hijab?' Pelosi, and Jack 'Lets retreat to Okinawa' Murtha. Plus the other assorted nuts and wingers of the left side.

Now imagine in this clip that Reid is Foghorn. Dawg is our poor set-upon President. And Willie the Weasel is Osama bint Laden.


Mike's America said...

I like the concept. But I think Reid makes a pretty good weasel.

Indigo Red said...

I say, I said, I say ... that was most entuhtainin'

ornery elephant said...

Hahaha Anna! Excellent! That actually does resemble bint laden chasing around after beetles in a cave.

Anna said...

I know Reid is such a weasel, given a quarter chance he will turn on you just to save himself.

But I think this clip shows his and the progressive Democrats in general true nature. In order to score cheap points ol Foghorn here is making life hell for Dawg so that a minor threat, Willie, becomes a major threat.