Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Ballad of Sandy Hsu

I promise not to try and write lyrics, but with Sander Berger and Norman Hsu in the news I could not resist merging the two into one. So please forgive me.

Fugitive financier with bags of money Norman Hsu presents an interesting dilemma for Sen. Hillary Clinton's Presidential aspirations. Of all the Democratic hope fulls, she is the only who has had a Secret Service detail since 1992 when her husband William Jefferson Clinton became President. One of the interesting things about having such a detail is, they do very thorough background checks on anyone who wants to see their principal. Which means the Secret Service had to have known Hsu was a fugitive so the question becomes who did they tell and who possibly overrode their warnings so Hillary Clinton could rake in $850,000? For a control freak like Hillary Clinton, the buck does stop with her because of her drive to become the first female President. When Hillary Rodham was trying to decide to attend Harvard or Yale for law school, she told Saul Alinsky who had offered her a chance to work with him, "The only way to make a real difference is to acquire power." - pg 31 American Evita Christopher Andersen.

Which folds into the next man that is in Hillary Clinton's current political life. Former President William Jefferson Clinton national security wonk Sandy Berger. It must be remembered that Berger has some interesting baggage of his own, not in the $40million that Hsu snookered I admit, but for someone entrusted with giving a President information and advice on national security issues it is pretty darn significant. Namely Mr. Berger went into the National Archives, pulled out classified information supposedly to be ready for testifying before the 9/11 Commission, smuggling said documents out, and then destroying them. Among the items that Berger apparently destroyed was a report from Richard Clarke outlining things to do to prevent terrorist attacks, this copy had handwritten notes written by President Clinton saying no to many of the recommendations. And Berger did plead guilty to destroying these documents, so Hillary Clinton has someone with a proven criminal record in a key campaign spot.

When taken together, having Norman Hsu and Sandy Berger on her team raises serious questions about how good Sen. Hillary Clinton's judgement is. Then what this is all about hits you; she has never given up on what she told Saul Alinsky all those years ago, she craves power. She will endure infidelities by her husband, smelly sources of political money, and the presence of a trustworthy if bungling bag man if it increases her chances of moving into the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as the first female President.

Suddenly that inexperienced guy who advocated attacking Pakistan while running away from Iraq, Barrack Obama, seems like a good choice. God save the Republic if either is elected.

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