Thursday, August 09, 2007


I am boggling at this. There are some who are tying to get Johnny 'Taliban' Lindh sprung from his 20 year sentence. Excuse me? What kind of mind altering drugs are you on? Yeah he is a mixed up young adult, so he should suffer the consequences.

He voluntarily went to Afghanistan to join the Taliban to join their violent jihad. An adult American, of his own free will, traveled to a foreign country and took up arms in service of that country. To me, by those actions, Lindh has NO American citizenship to claim.

Then, when he was captured in Afghanistan with a bunch of other Taliban dead-enders, he refused to divulge any information to his American captors. This refusal, in my opinion, was tacit participation in the uprising that later killed a fellow American, Mike Spann.

Lindh should be moldering at Andersonville and not subject to an early release.


Mike's America said...

This is all part of the delusion and denial about the reality of the threat we face.

Look at the Gitmo detainees who were set free and went right back to killing.

I'm not saying Lindh would start killing people, but there is no reason to give him any leniency whatsoever.

He's a traitor and we should have left him at the Citadel in Mazar-i-Sharif

Anna said...

If we were not so soft hearted it would have been acceptable under law to leave Lindh to the tender mercies of the Afghan justice system since by taking up arms for a foreign power his citizenship was forfeit.

But Lindh now enjoys the judicially supervised humane treatment in a US jail. And he should stay there for the full 20 years.

Ornery Elephant said...

These are the same bleeding heart morons that voted "Not guilty" for the chump who, on camera for the world to see, heaved a brick into the back of Reginald Denny in the L.A. riots. They said his upbringing and treatment by society had allowed him this episode of anger and thus he really wasn't guilty of this crime (which, by the way, turned Denny into a semi-vegetable for the rest of his life).

America changed that day with that verdict.

And these people working to free Lindh is evidence of it.


Anna said...

OE, tell us how you really feel? There comes a point when people have to face facts; if you are an adult and not ruled a slobbering idiot, then you are responsible for one's actions.

Prison used to be someplace no wanted to land in because it was horrible. Nowadays hey nice library and nice gym so when ya get out you know enough legal stuff to drive the cops nuts and due to the gym are now stronger for the tasks at hand - ie robbing little old ladies of their pension checks.