Monday, August 20, 2007

Spirit of Wonder

Once again Dr. Breckenridge's invention misfires and Miss China is shrinking! Baka Hakase!

Talk about being a complete slacker. I remember purchasing the DVD called Spirit of Wonder because it was more stories from Kenji Tsuruta. But until last night I could not remember ever watching this DVD. Argh! Baka! Baka!

I first fell in love with Kenji Tsuruta when Dark Horse translated some of his manga into English, titled naturally as Spirit of Wonder. His artwork is not your typical manga style and I am glad. Nor are his stories typical manga, they follow their own pace and lacks lots of violence and fan service. The bad side, Kenji has had a low output as he talks about in this 1996 interview. Along with Spirit of Wonder; he has produced Hydrogen, Forget Me Not, some Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade, and a Miss China collected art book.

Suffice to say all the stories Kenji Tsuruta has produced are heavily infused with a whimsical sense of adventure that I find sadly lacking in a lot of current shows. The men are mad scientist types and awfully naughty, for shame Dr. Breckenridge for peeking under Miss China's dress! *WHACK* Well Miss China can take care of herself. Hard to find is Miss China's Ring in which we see Dr. Breckenridge's invention destroy the Moon and turn it into a ring. Then there is the two part story Spirit of Wonder we get to see the Scientific Boys Club and their dream of going to Mars that was inspired by Percival Lowell and his canals of Mars. Miss China makes an appearance in this story which is set in 1958, though the main female character is Windy who is Gordon's daughter. It is her theory of the ethereal current that allows these men to realize their dream and find a red Mars far unlike what Lowell reported. Bookending this story arc we get to see JPL as the scientists and media anxiously await the first pictures from Viking 1. And do not miss the ending music for Spirit of Wonder; the song is called 'Born to Dream,' its in English and very catchy.

Also included on this DVD are two Miss China shorts. In one, Miss China is once again demanding back rent from Dr. Breckenridge and as she pulverizes the barricaded door into submission, she is struck by a strange green beam and starts to shrink. So its up to Breckenridge, Jim - whom China is sweet on, and Lily at the flower shop who supplies unusual parts for Jim and Breckenridge to save her. They do, but once again Breckenridge overdoes things and we get to see a 50ft Miss China! Second short is a very hallucinatory short that is powered by Breckenridge's Reflex Telescope that is supposed to bring symmetrical space to the user, why go to Mars when Mars can be brought to Earth. Well that is the theory but all they get is a blurry image until all are fueled by too much alcohol and never before or since has a Martian city been laid to waste by a fire breathing Breckenridge/Godzilla with bottles of various spirits poking out his back. Luckily Miss China, even though tanked, is able to take down the monster and Lily turns the telescope off; saving Mars from the fate of the Moon .. or did they? :)



Ornery Elephant said...

I, for one, would NEVER think of looking under Miss China's dress!

: )

hi Anna, noticed your post over at CQ...good stuff!


Anna said...

That is because you are a thoughtful person who has resisted the concept of 'boys will be boys' ie mischevious. :)

I know Ornery Elephant, what is going on against Jindal is just another attempt by the Democrats to divide and conquer. Scare people into voting for them. To quote Daffy, 'Desthpicable!'