Saturday, August 11, 2007

MechaCon - The Videos

Well for your viewing pleasure, here are some videos people have posted about MechaCon. Tis a bit 'fowl' in one video while others are just a bit more fun. The assorted geniuses in the elevator could have been Darwin candidates and more than likely the world would have been better. ^_^; As for the Kingdom Hearts 2 cosplayers, uuhhh get a room already. In one video we see a green screen where in the dealers room you could get a custom badge made.

MechaCon 3.0 Raiders

The Elevator Adventure

Sexy Kingdom Hearts

My friend says, after all the Kingdom Hearts cosplayers, that they can never play that game again.

Random otakuness

Crazy with the video camera

And I should probably post my pictures from MechaCon, I am such a slacker.

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