Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hurricane Dean

Footage taken by the International Space Station of Hurricane Dean.

As Dean makes it's second landfall in Mexican territory with 100MPH winds, we can be thankful for one thing it seems. The death toll is standing at only 11 dead, all before the Yucatan landfall. Even though Dean struck the Yucatan Peninsula with winds of 165MPH.

The tourist town of Tulum was an evacuated ghost town over a day before Dean made landfall while many of the people heeded government evacuation orders and fled to shelters. Some communities still need to be contacted in the wake of Dean, but no deaths have been reported.

Dean made landfall about 11:30AM Central forty miles south of Tuxpan Mexico after regaining some strength in the Bay of Campeche. Tuxpan is near Tampico. Hopefully the evacuation here has been as successful as the one in the Yucatan was.

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