Friday, August 03, 2007

GEICO - Embrace the Suck

I am about to scream at GEICO for their penalizing me for accidents not my fault. I switched insurance companies because I was being charged over $1000 every six months for three vehicles - the Mustang and two paid for cars. When I first went through GEICO's online application it was going to be $642 every 6 months for the same three vehicles with similar monetary coverage. Well GEICO did an online query and found I had been involved in two accidents, in both I was listed as not at fault. Still my premium jumped to $712 for every 6 months. Then they asked about an accident in December 2003 I was involved in. Told them a deer jumped out in front of me and could not avoid it causing over $2000 in damage to truck. So guess what, my premium is now up to $752 every 6 months.

GEICO, only a caveman would go with you.


Ornery Elephant said...


I feel for ya. I think there is a reason that some of the advertising icons for insurance companies consist of: a caveman, a duck, a Disney character, a gecko, and a flopping whale.


Anna said...

Ornery Elephant, thanks for the laugh. :) As one of my new posts shows I went and had some fun. Was not worried about a silly little lizard or even a talking duck trying to get me down. :)

Anonymous said...

So just to get this straight. You failed to mention two accidents that you had (despite the fact that the online application clearly asks for them), and when you get "caught" you are upset that your new rate is ONLY about $500 less than you were previously paying per year?

Wow. What a warped perspective you have. Everyone should have such problems...