Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI Allows Tridentine Mass

On July 7th, Pope Benedict XVI eased the restrictions on priests performing a Latin Mass, called the Tridentine Mass. This has caused some consternation and outcry, so lets look at things.

As Catholic News Services story indicates, the 1962 missal is the only allowed version. The Vatican II liturgy will be used for such Holy Days as Easter since they must be conducted with the parish. Unless a group requests a Tridentine Mass, even then it will be limited to one Tridentine Mass on a Sunday and the readings can still be proclaimed in the local language using an approved Lectionary.

What brings up this whole point is the Anti-Defamation League is saying this is a "body blow to Catholic-Jewish relations" by allowing the Tridentine Mass since the Tridentine Easter Mass calls for the conversion of Jews. And the Simon Wiesenthal Center has also entered the fray against the easing of the restrictions on celebrating the Tridentine Mass for same reason.

There is only one problem with their argument. The 1962 Missal for the Tridentine Mass, approved by Pope Pius XII, has excised the prayer calling for the conversion of Jews. Fordham has online a side by side translation of the Latin 1962 Mass and I can not find a call for the conversion of Jews. If someone finds it in there, let me know. Until then the Anti-Defamation League and Simon Wiesenthal Center are causing the body-blow to Catholic-Jewish relations via ignorance.

PS: If anyone wants to read some really hateful and/or insane rantings, then read the comments on the AOL copy of the AP story. Yow.

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