Thursday, July 05, 2007

Irony Meter Broke, Ordering New One

While the BBC and certain people bask in the release of a reporter, three Israeli soldiers are still missing in the hands of their enemies even while a prisoner swap to Fatah goes ahead.

There has been a suggestion of deploying an international force into restive Gaza. Needless to say Hamas is not terribly enthused about it.
Haniyeh said during a tour of a home in Gaza City that belongs to the estate of Yasser Arafat. "We are able to solve our problems."
Yep, they are able to solve their own problems; with AK-47, M-16, RPG, and other means of violent problem solving.
"I proposed an international force in Gaza" to Sarkozy to ensure the elections can be held peacefully, Abbas said. "Elections necessitate a certain stability in security."
Right, it was these 'peaceful' elections that resulted in Hamas taking charge of the Palestinian Authority, who is to say it will work better this time?

"Any force that enters the Gaza Strip will be dealt with as an occupation force," Hamas's armed wing, Izaddin Kassam, said in a statement. "We will receive them with rockets and mortars."

Well if such an international force is sent they will know how it feels to be Israeli.

A real howler in the whole article is from Sarkozy in France.
"We want your victory. You are the guarantor of peace," Sarkozy told Abbas, according to his spokesman David Martinon.
Or in English, we want Fatah to win because you are not as bad as Hamas. Uh hello, Fatah is PLO-lite, still killer of Jews and anyone else that gets in their way. Unfortunately too many in the West have jumped onto the bandwagon of supporting Fatah as a counter-balance to Hamas.

But Fatah can not allow Sakorzy and the West to out do it in crazyness. I wont comment and will let the statement stand on its own.
"If they want to talk, they must recognize the legitimate bodies of the Palestinians and dismantle their bloody militias. Hamas wants to take the Palestinians many centuries back. They want to impose their own version of Islam on the Palestinians, but they know nothing about Islam. They are ignorant people who claim to serve Islam."


Mike's America said...

If the French want to go into that quagmire I say let them. After the way their peacekeepers have behaved in Africa, it would only be a short time before Hamas starts a war with them.

All good.

Anna said...

Yep, the French would get to feel some Hamas-style love.