Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Clinton Files

As Harry Reid leads the Democrat Senators down a well paved road along with a few Republicans, lets break away to look at some Presidential aspirants - The Hillary and Bill Show which they hope will be the sequel to the wildly popular eight year run of The Bill and Hillary Show.

Some obviously do not remember those eight years with joy in their hearts as Judicial Watch is suing the National Archives for Hillary's date planner and other records under the Freedom of Information Act. Good luck in this quest, lets recall that the Rose Law Firm books mysteriously appeared in the White House only after Ken Starr's investigation wrapped up.

Others are running for the nomination along with Hillary. One hopeful being John Edwards, one term Senator and VP candidate for John Kerry. But I am not sure this is how Mr. Edwards really wants to set himself apart as his wife Elizabeth says he will be more responsive to women's rights than Hillary. I am not sure how to read this but after the $400 hair-over along with his primping in a woman's compact, the conclusion is pretty darn clear - Hillary is more of a man than John Edwards. Take some advice John, drop the expensive spa makeovers and keep your wife away from reporters.

As for William Jefferson Clinton himself, even as he stumps for his wife on the campaign trail, his past will not let him go. Right Wing News has this post on a prostitution ring in Las Vegas. It seems Esperanza Brooks, a cheerleader coach, has been running on the side a call girl ring since her husband the car salesman has had a slumping career. As part of her sales pitch for her girls, Ms. Brown would drop the names of several clients. She told undercover officers her clientele list included Shaquille O'Neal and Bill Clinton. Is there truth in what she says? Probably not but it is a good pitch to make others pony up more money, after all if Bill Clinton has used their services it must be good. I do not think either Clinton really wants that as Bill's legacy but there you have it since the man admitted to lying under oath in regards to physical relations with Monica Lewinsky.

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