Saturday, June 16, 2007

News Round Up

Pinch Paisley at BlackFive posts the obituary of a real American hero: Brig. General Robin Olds has passed away.

Meanwhile the transformation of Gaza into Hamastan continues apace as they loot PLO terrorist leader Yasser Arafat's home and acquire even more weapons from Fatah/Palestinian Authority security posts.
In images replayed repeatedly on Palestinian television, a bloodied Samid al-Madhun is dragged by masked Hamas gunmen through the streets and kicked by a mob shouting “dog” before the Hamas men fire dozens of rounds into his body.

The two state solution is dead, as dead as Samid al-Madhun. Now we get to see who squashes Hamas, Israel or Egypt who both share borders with this murderous regime. Who know, they might flip a coin to see who does it. Just keep Jimmy 'I Love Hamas' Carter out unless he wants to be a human shield.

Non-state recognized irregular forces have violated once again the 1953 Hague Convention in regards to religious sites by blowing up yet another Sunni mosque in Basra Iraq. But since these are non-recognized irregular military forces, the Hague does not apply to them. So under the Geneva Conventions said forces will be subject to summary execution wherever they are found. I wish.

Also in Iraq, an F-16 Fighting Falcon, aka Viper, has crashed. All that is known is the pilot belongs to the 180th Fighter Wing OHANG based in Toledo, OH. Crank up the prayers.

Meanwhile Head Inquisitor Mike Nifong is braying and weeping about 'my community has suffered enough' as he prepares to resign. Too little too late Mikey. You lead a witch hunt that tarred three innocent men. You need to have your life destroyed and the thing is, it is your actions that will lead to this destruction - by denying three men justice in a rush to get a hot-button issue re-elect you as District Attorney of Durham County.

And finally way up in orbit. The new solar array has been deployed. Most of the crashed Russian computers have been rebooted. The tear in the TPS on one of the OMS' has been repaired. And NASA astronaut Williams now has the record for longest duration for a woman in space.


Anonymous said...

I just called the Collings Foundation folks who are friends of mine and checking to see if they know about BGen Olds,
good post on your behaf!

Anna said...

Hey Otto, I hope they decide to bring the F-4D to Colorado to pay respects.

Thanks for commenting and thanks for taking up the task,

Gen. Robin Olds is a hero of the greatest type, not only brave but a smart fighter.