Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nature's Beauty

Saturday has been such a beautiful day, I had to get outside to enjoy it. Brought along the camera and snapped a few pictures, including this one. Hope you enjoy.


Mike's America said...

Not sure where you are Anna, but it was hot as hell down here. 95 F and humid.

I had to spray insecticide around the outside of the house to keep the bugs out. Nothing like sweat mixed with insecticide!

Two weeks of great gardenias are coming to an end.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...


Anna said...

Well central Mississippi has been torrid also the past few days. Makes one feel like they are melting. Only relief being air conditioning and rain showers.

Uh oh Mike, insecticide... the Hague trials for War Crimes Against Insects will have to convene to rule on the legality of what you did. Ah the conundrum of life, to be eaten alive or not to be eaten alive. :)

Even so, yesterday was just too nice to spend cooped up. So I took a little walk with camera in hand.

Dee, I like them to. Hence I never let the mover run them over before they bloom. Would be sacriledge otherwise.

Mike's America said...

Yeah, if the greenies ever found out how much insecticide I use I'm sure they'd charge me with war crimes.

But I figure they'd charge me with war crimes for just being a Republican, so I might as well kill the bugs.

Anna said...

LOL, yes the so inclusive Democrats like the Kos-sacks and DU'rs - gotta feel the love eerr Inquisition.

Meanwhile West Nile and malaria are spreading everywhere it seems. How much better the human world would be with proper use of DDT. Alas many are enamoured of 'Silent Spring' and never look beyond to the grim mortality of not using DDT.