Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Middle East Meltdown - The Remix

Amidst all the Paris Hilton coverage, in case you missed it, mighty things have been happening in Israel, Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank.

First, the three missing Israeli soldiers that sparked two wars are still missing. Olmert is still the Israeli Prime Minister though there is a new President - Shimon Peres. Who knows maybe something will change.

In Lebanon an anti-Syrian PM was killed in a car bomb blast along with nine others. The UN has concluded Syria is shipping arms to terrorists in Lebanon. Also receiving almost no media coverage, the Lebanese government has violently engaged Islamic terrorists in two Palestinian refugee camps. Note - why are there Palestinian refugee camps after 59 years? The refugee/dislocated camps of a war ravaged Europe did not last 1/10th this time.

Meanwhile in Gaza it seems we are seeing the birth of a three-state solution as the terrorist group Hamas routs and exterminates the rival Fatah terrorist organization in Gaza. How can I say this? When a Fatah official flees his house in Gaza dressed as a woman [Did Eichman flee to Arengtina dressed as a woman? No. So what is it with these Islamic terrorists who don women's clothing at the first hint of trouble?] to seek sanctuary at a hospital only to be betrayed and have his head blown off, I would say Hamas is ascending. Once Hamas finishes its final solution on Fatah, then the people of Gaza will truly have the government they voted for and Israel will have the cause belli to wipe out the canker called Gaza once Hamas ups its attacks on Israel. Some optimists hope the Arab League will roll in, like on a white Arabian stallion, and save Gaza from destruction; I am not holding my breath. Meanwhile the Fatah controlled West Bank is being very quiet while becoming the only territory Fatah and the Palestinian Authority controls.

I hope everyone who gushed about how giving the Arab refugees from the creation of the UN mandated state of Isreal a state will cause them to grow up will now shut the freak up since the Arabs have proven completely incapable of anything except killing each other. But I doubt it, they will just scream louder, hoping to drown out the wailing and lamentations of the survivors of their folly.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I am doing research on this and remembered right away that you had posted on this. I'm printing this post out as I write this. If I can do enough homework on this I'm going to talk about it on my 1st radio show. Thanks!!

Anna said...

Well golly gee, my cup runenth over. If I can help I certainly will. Thank you!!