Saturday, June 09, 2007

Marine Receives Navy Cross

Camp Pendelton, CA. 4 June 2007.

Corporal Jason S. Clairday was awarded posthumeously yesterday the second highest decoration an American servicemember can receive, the Navy Cross, for his actions while leading his squad during a firefight in Fallujah on 12 Dec 2004.

The battle between insurgents and Clairday's unit erupted while the Marines were doing a security sweep. Shortly after his squad came under fire, Clairday jumped onto the roof of the house to rescue a wounded Marine. He opened fire on the insurgents and pounded them with grenades as he tried to save the Marine. Clairday then led an assault into the house, according to the citation. He retreated from the doorway after being shot in both legs. Moments later, he re-entered the home and took the lead position, throwing grenades and unloading rounds from his rifle.
“He single-handedly attacked the insurgents and received mortal wounds,” the citation states. The note goes on to say that thanks to Clairday's efforts, the Marines had enough time to call in reinforcements and defeat the enemy.

Corporal Clairday is survived by his wife Sarah, mother Cindy McCullough, and Brenda Ingram whom Clairday thought of as a second mother. I will end this post with what Brenda posted in the comments.
Yes, Semper Fi does say it all. I am the Brenda Ingram mentioned in the article. I am proud of Jason and it does not suprise me about his actions of that day. What does suprise me is how some people think I should feel about this war and the Marine Corps. I have only the highest respect and love for our Marine Corps. Jason did what he needed to do that day for himself and his brothers. He will always be our (his family and Marine Corps brothers ) hero. Support our troops---without them we could not speak English this freely.

Semper Fi indeed.

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