Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dead Again

The glorious immigration reform bill, touted by Kennedy, Bush, and McCain [drats one horseman shy], has died again in the Senate. It fell 14 votes short needed for cloture and to be rammed through the Senate without adequate debate.

The backers say there is no chance that immigration reform will be brought back up for consideration until after the 2008 elections. My advice, considering how they tried to back-channel this to passage, watch them like a hawk watches a mouse hole.


Mike's America said...

I suppose Graham riding a pony could fill in for the 4th horseman.

It would be nice if the Senate (and the White House) got the message from the public outcry which demanded this bill's defeat.

But you can bet that should someone put up a straightforward bill for border security you'll still have Senator Kennedy working in secret to insert some amendment that no one has read to give goodies to illegals.

They can't help themselves!

But anyway, a good day for our side!!!

Timothy said...

Yes, very good for our side!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I hope when this is taken up again that we have better Representatives who listen to their constituents and that the level of debate is more civil. I hated every minute of this whole debacle.

Anna said...

I guess Graham would do as a sickly fourth horseman. If they have not gotten the message, then we the voters can keep applying the pain called burying Representatives and Senators in protests until they do wise up and actually enforce the laws already on the books. To be really low, has anyone checked Kennedy's mansion on Martha's Vineyard to see if the staff is legal?

Better no new immigration legislation than this Trojan Horse for amnesty.