Friday, June 15, 2007

Che is Dead

... long live Che ...

It seems there is no monstrous idea or person that some will not keep trotting out as heroes.

So here is La Prensa reporting that Venezuela is heaping the laurels and praise upon the murderous corpse of Che. Che the monster. Che the butcher of little children during castro's bloody revolution in Cuba.

All this praise from Chavez and even the ailing castro does is try to hide the Maoist Che was. That he apparently ended up in Bolivia leading a small band of terrorists after falling from the graces of castro's Cuba.

For such a great leader of men and of the Revolution, someone who said he died as a man; it took a sixteen man Special Forces team only four months to train up a Bolivian battalion to capture and kill Che. Some great leader.

Some may fret that the killing of Che made him a martyr for the cause. I tend to disagree. Che's death was needed to stop the export of violent Communist revolution to South America. Just imagine if he had toppled a country named for the one real liberator of South America and then proceeded to send out more violent revolutionaries to other countries? Save Allende in Chile and Ortega in Nicaragua, there was no toying with revolutionary communism in South/Central America until Chavez muscled his way into dictatorial power.

Perhaps Chavez, as he shuts down opposition press and floats blimps to watch his citizens, should learn these other lessons of Che's death.


Mike's America said...

I wonder if that Bolivain battalion could be reconstituted and sent to Venezuela?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Have you heard Humberto Fontova making his rounds on the talk radio circuit, promoting his new book on Exposing Che?

Anna said...

I am sure there are enough Venezuelans who would gladly join such a battalion but I fear the 'international' community will dither until Chavez does a 'Great Leap Forward' and murders a large portion of the population. Teh something will be done.

Need something like Radio Marti for Venezuela to prevent a total news blackout. I bet Chavez has the country's external routers set up to block things like Fox News.

Wordsmith, I could not tell you if I had heard of it. I guess I will look into it and add it to pile of unread books. Thanks for the heads-up.