Saturday, June 30, 2007

Car Bomb Tech Support

I am reading up on the attempted car attack at Glasgow's airport. Luckily no one but the attackers seem to be injured. There are reports the attackers gave up the game early on when one got out to light the car afire.

This has caused me to wonder what would happen if these Charlies had some kind of car bomb tech support akin to OnStar. I magine it would go something like this:

Tech Support: "Ishnallah, how may I help you?"
Caller: "My car bomb, son of the camel it is, refuses to detonate!"
TS: "Allah Ackbar! Have you tried to connect the wires by hand to the detonator?"
C: "No."
TS: "Try that."
C: "Which wires?"
TS: "Connect the green wire to the post with the + sign. Wait, is this an American or British car?"
C: "American infidel junk!"
TS: "Allah be praised, connect green wire to the + sign."
C: "Yes, doing that. Alla h be pra...." *sszzztt* .... dial tone
TS: "Allah Ackbar! Another problem solved!"

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