Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Well after 85 days, the 'emergency' funding bill made it out Congress with Nancy Pelosi finally reading it to be delivered upon the 4th anniversary of President Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' speech to President Bush, who promptly kept his promise and veto'd the bill with its $20 billion in pork.

Now will they double down like John 'Pink' Edwards called them to do? Or will they finally give the troops the funding they need for ammo and armor without storage sheds for peanuts thrown in?

Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, and Jack Murtha; the world watches and wonders.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I'm tired of Pelosi and Reid claiming the "will of the American people". They didn't poll me!

Anna said...

Be thankful they did not poll you. Dems seem to love polling data in the hope they can triangulate and be everything to everyone. Unless you are Pelosi or Reid - they only believe in themselves.

Still awaiting Harry 'Land Baron' Reid to castigate Diane Feinstein for the billion dollars she funneled to her husband's companies. Not holding breath though.