Monday, May 28, 2007

Star Wars Legacy

I just caught the last 30 minutes of this two hour extravaganza on History Channel. It was amazing. We had the usual allusions to the coal skuttle helmet and Darth Vader. The love of red/black/white between Palpatine and ol'Adolph.

The gamut of names interviewed was interesting. They interviewed Tom Brokaw. Dan Rather. And even Newt Gingrinch. But I think the piece de la resistence was the last politician interviewed, it was none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talking about the power of the people.

Yes, you heard me right. Nancy Pelosi was interviewed. She found time to give this interview for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars but had no time to give General Petreaus a chance for a face to face meeting.


RightWingRocker said...

Nancy Pelosi talking about the power of the people.

Tell me if THAT's not the irony of the day!


Mike's America said...

I had to tune out when Dan Blather was on... and I missed Nazi Pelosi altogether.

But I did go to my video store and get another Star Wars DVD.

Anna said...

RWR, yeah the irony meter probably pegged when she gushed about George Lucas writing stories that return power to the people.

Mike, it was boggling to see Dan Rather, who joined the Army Reserves during the Korean War, stayed in college until graduation, and then tried to get into the Marines in 1954 but got bounched because he was medically unfit, with that buzz cut talking about Greek literature and Star Wars. I need to get Episode VI still, refuse to get Episode III.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I was about 8 years old when I first saw A New Hope. That was at a drive-in. What an exhilerating feeling and time to live as a kid!

Anna said...

Episode IV - A New Hope will always be my favorite. It is a good swashbuckler of good vs evil.

That would have been cool to see at a drive-in. As the TiE fighters attacked the Millenium Falcon. Darn too bad drive-ins are about extinct and not sure if there is an IMAX version of any of the movies.