Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saddam's Tribe

Hopefully I am not the only one to be heartily sick of the marketing push Discovery/New York Times is doing for their show on Saddam Hussein and his murderously dysfunctional extended family that airs June 4th.

I am not sure it is deliberate, but from the commercial promoting the show, it seems they have tried to make a Mexican soap-opera version of the Godfather. The sets are artificial, so phony because of the lighting and camera placement they remind me of the sets from Missiles of October. The guy they have playing Saddam looks more like a corpulent Latin gangster than Saddam; whatever happened to Saddam's doubles? But they manage to get a ringer for Uday.

Naturally I do not plan to watch this thing. Shoddy production values. Poor choice in actors. Almost comic in menacing over-bearing as they have Saddam whisper to a small child family is everything juxtaposed with Iraqi soldiers doing a Mexican firing-squad on Saddam's son-in-laws.

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