Thursday, April 26, 2007


That one word is all that is needed to describe the actions of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

After piling laurels and platitudes at the feet of General Petraeus to be the new commander in Iraq, we find Harry Reid rushing to judgement. We find him saying he will not believe anything General Petraeus says in his briefing to Congress about the situation in Iraq. For as everyone who has watched the news has learned, Harry Reid has declared the war in Iraq lost. So how ill-mannered of General Petraeus to report anything to the contrary.

Meanwhile we have Nancy Pelosi. While General Petraeus was leading the first phases of the surge in Baghdad with boots on the ground, Nancy and some hanger-ons was jetting off. While American and Iraqi forces fought to secure Baghdad against terrorists, Nancy was in Damascus meeting with one of the supporters of terrorism in Iraq during her Spring Break recess. Now that General Petraeus is back in the United States to give a briefing, all Nancy could find in her busy unpublished schedule was a 30 minute phone conference since the General's own schedule was too busy to give Nancy a personal briefing as she wanted.

Harry Reid is that classic of political animals. He has a vested interest in one and only one view of the world. He loves that view so much no one better contradict him or face his wrath. Well General Petraeus is in select company, Reid obviously lumps him in with President Bush.

Nancy Pelosi, in her haughty demand that General Petraeus come at her beck and call to give her a personal briefing, is displaying for the whole world how truly petty she is. She is like the wastrel self-absorbed nobility that Western Civilization has spent the last few centuries ridding itself of, she is Her Imperial Hindness.

Both are unfit for the offices they hold.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I couldn't agree more!! I'm going to be making some phone calls tomorrow on exactly what I think of Harry Reid.

Mike's America said...

Have you ever seen Harry Greid smile?


Have you ever seen him laugh?


How many times have you seen him put on the sour puss face more reminiscent of a funeral home director?

Anna said...

They truly covered themselves in glory today. Need I add a sarcasm tag?

Leiberman took Reid to the woodshed today. To me the best paragraph was about Al-Qaeda not wishing to be at the table but to blow up the table and everyone sitting there.

That is what this is all about, to keep the fanatics who want to kill as far away as possible. Helping the Iraqis keep their country is one of the best selfish acts The United States can do.

I think Leiberman in his speech today defined everything that is wrong with the Reid plan. To order US soldiers to sit there while genocide occurs is to give the US military the same orders the UN has operated under around the globe in places like Srebenica or Rwanda. What Reid proposes, as Leiberman points out, are immoral orders. Orders that violate the Constitution to boot.

Mike, Reid can not smile because he has squinted so much blocking out everything that does not fit his little world view, his face is now locked in that sour persimmons face.

The Democrats are faced with a crisis of their soul. They can keep marching with Reid right off the cliff, or after the veto scuttle Reid's failed ship of statecracft and hewe more along Leiberman's tack in winning the war.

This is like a horror movie. The Democrats see a fork in the road. The spectre of their destruction is breathing down their neck. Up ahead there is a sign that says if you go right, you will be saved. Now will the Democrats be smart enough to hang a right for once?