Thursday, April 05, 2007

Must Be The Water

That is about the only excuse I can give to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and a few hanger ons that include Republicans visiting Syria. They must have drank deeply the waters of the Lethe ... errr Potomac River. To speculate otherwise would lead one to conclude Pelosi wants to run the country as supreme leader.

April 13th will mark the 32d anniversary of the start of the Lebanese Civil War. A civil war who's birth was aided by Hafiz al-Asad, dictator of Syria since 1970 and the father of the current dictator Bashir al-Asad. Asad's dream back then, as was the previous Syrian regime, was a Greater Syria that joined Syria and Lebanon as one country. As the assassination of Rafiki al-Hariri has shown, Bashir still wants Lebanon as part of Syria. And for those who truly like spelunking amidst the dusty tomes of history, the 1930s, the concept of a Greater Syria includes Syria and Palestine. While under Hafiz al-Asad Bilad Ash-Sham [the Land of Syria] is cited in Syrian textbooks as consisting of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine.

When President Carter was at Camp David with Sadat and Begin, Hafiz al-Asad described these talks as 'It would not be logical to dislodge the Palestinian from his rifle when the Camp David accords threaten our future.' I really love that quote for it shows how one of the great Arab leaders viewed the PLO and the Palestinians, as cannon-fodder against Israel.

During Desert Shield/Desert Storm/Operation Granby, the United Nation sanctioned forces that helped to liberate Kuwait included Syrian armor units. It was Ba'th on Ba'th. President George H.W. Bush tried to bring Syria into more moderate waters by negotiating with Asad for the release of hostages held by terrorists. All Asad did each time was go back to being a conduit for supplies to Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. To being a pariah. His son is no better.

It was to this country and the Asad dynasty that Pelosi visited in an attempt to open new doors in diplomacy. All she has shown is a glaring ignorance of the history that lays between the United States and Syria. This visit has also given the terrorist enemies of Western Civilization more reasons to hold on because her viewpoints are not aligned with those of the President and thus projects an image of dis-unity onto the world stage.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Apparently the terrorists are praising her visit, what does that tell you?????

Anna said...

It tells me she is an idiot who has allowed her very selfish motives of destroying President Bush to be used by the enemies of the United States and of Western Civilization in general.

Mike's America said...

Assad has American blood on his hands. The same hands that Pelosi shook in greeting.

At least the newspaper editorials are coming out pretty strong against her trip.

I doubt however that such condemnation will make the slightest dent in that woman's twisted thinking.

The Wall Street Journal had a good idea, let's ask Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald to apply his skills and investigate whether Pelosi violated the Logan Act:


Surely Pelosi or Lantos will have forgotten what they had for breakfast and we can convict them of perjury?

Ooopss! I forgot. We only uphold that high standard of accountability for Republicans.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

let's ask Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald to apply his skills and investigate whether Pelosi violated the Logan Act

I'll second that!

Anna said...

Yes it is tempting to appoint a Special Prosecutor. But the solution to Watergate has proven just as easy to suborn as any other concept of reform thrown at the fetid polluted swamp called DC.

The only true reform will be when the voters stand up, be vocal on their opinions, and if that fails to toss these dangerous bums out. And that is what the Founders wanted. Time to see if it can still be accomplished.

Nancy Peolsi, as third in the line of succession, has not draped herself in any kind of laurel wreaths with this stunt. More like a tri-cornered hat with bells. As people in the Middle East have pointed out, she has emboldened our foes with her actions.