Sunday, April 29, 2007

Exercising the 2nd Amendment

Friends called me yeterday morning asking if I wanted to meet them out at the rifle range for some shooting. Being 7:30am and not really awake yet, I agreed with enthusiasm.

So while eating breakfast I stumbled across that New York Times article and blogged it. Then packed up the Mustang with the Storm and the .40cal Beretta along with ammuition, cleaning kit, and ear-protectors. Then headed on out.

The Aim-Point sight on the Storm is the best thing since sliced bread. Since my left arm is in a cast, cannot normally hold the Storm as I should. First magazine I shot while resting the Storm on the cast - bad form do not try yourself unless in extremis. Due to the sight, still managed to hit the circular target at 25 yards with 90% of the bullets; I was a bit to the left of center though. Next magazine in the Storm I tried what the Air Force calls the barricade position. I took the Storm, rested it on a solid horizontal surface, took aim, and fired. Once again 90% on target, this time though all in the center. Which means I have to work on my breathing more.

I won't mention the .40cal except trying to shoot it one handed I proved I could not hit the broad side of a barn, all I managed to do was hit the cardboard the targets were taped to.

Overall a fun day was had. Hung out with friends. Had some fun. And got to practice shooting skills so they do not grow rusty.

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