Thursday, April 12, 2007

El AL Flight 1862

I do not even remember this accident happening. With the loss of life on the ground, I would think I would. This is just so sad and tragic. Two pins on the No. 3 engine pylon broke, causing that engine to explosively seperate from the wing, as this engine seperated it knocked the No. 4 engine off, and damaged over 30ft of the wing's leading edge.

The only thing sadder than this tragedy is the people who think there was a conspiracy involved who link this to 9/11 Spare Change.

National Geographic says that fourty-three were killed in this accident. This site gives a more concise description of the accident along with showing thirty-nine people died on the ground.


Mike's America said...

I've seen this tragedy described on the History Channel. Of course it's going to make the conspiracy whackos go crazy.... Ooops, I mean crazier.

Anna said...

I hear you Mike. What contortions of a mental variety some people will go through instead of admitting that jsut maybe they opinions are completely wrong.