Sunday, March 04, 2007

Watching the Lost Tomb

Well they sure talk a breathlessly serious game on this show. But they trip themselves up badly on several occasions.

They talk about how Miriam's name on the ossuary has been Latinized to Maria. Then they mention how in the Gospels that is how her name is spelled. Well there is a wee bit of a problem with that. None of the Gospels that are accepted as cannon were finalized until almost a century after Jesus' death. Then there is the problem of no known first century copies of these Gospels in Aramaic, all we have are Greek copies from later. So they are fitting data from Gospels that are translations to an ossuary that was sealed up between 30BC to 70AD.

Then there is Simcha trying to build authenticity in the Talpiot Tomb as the Tomb of Jesus by attacking the Caiphas ossuaries. Fortunately the guy he tries to bait about it debunks him nicely with how uncommon the name Caiphas is and how many ossuaries in that one tomb bore the name Caiphas. In contrast to how common Mirriam, Yeshua, Mattia, or Joseph are during that same period.

10:00pm. Isn't that special. Simcha gets the concrete slab to be broken up so they can enter the Talpiot Tomb. As they are exploring it there is a commotion outside. Simcha and crew had gotten the apartment complex's approval to open the tomb but now the IAA has arrived to tell them to close it up since they did not get permission from the IAA. Narrator tries the dodge of saying since the IAA never sealed the tomb then how can they order us to close it up. Right, Simcha you just got busted for grave robbing.

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