Monday, March 12, 2007

News Roundup

Here are some articles on the Web I found to be interesting.

Major Gilbert's CAC Used in Jihadi Video.
What appears to be the official military ID of Major Troy Gilbert, a celebrated F-16 pilot who crashed to his death on a combat mission last fall in Iraq, is being circulated on the Internet in an advertisement for an upcoming Iraqi insurgent propaganda video entitled "The Missing."

Go Tell The Spartans.

As the soldiers raised their rifles, the old man shouted, "Go tell the Spartans," the same words shouted at the famous Battle of Thermopylae 2,500 years ago, when 300 Spartans held off an army of hundreds of thousands. The Nazis fired, the old man toppled over into his grave. His wife gave out a loud scream of pain, then shouted the same words, before she was shot and toppled into her grave.

Chestnut tree can be cut down.

Amsterdam's city council gave the owner of the chestnut tree that comforted Anne Frank while she was in hiding a license to cut it down.

Nevada Democrats Cancel Fox News Because They Cannot Take a Joke.

Nevada Democratic Party officials said Friday they were canceling a presidential debate co-sponsored by the Fox News Channel, following a joke chairman Roger Ailes made about Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

Sen. Clinton's 'Bill of Rights' for the Military Sounds Retreat.

"I am here to say that if the buck does not stop with this president, I assure you, it will stop with the next president," the Democratic senator said in excerpts of remarks prepared for delivery later Thursday.


Mike's America said...

That's too bad about the chestnut tree. Though I do understand the property owner's perspective.

And it seems that most people these days don't remember Anne Frank, and would prefer not to remember what happened to her and millions of other innocents.

Anna said...

The chestnut tree can be taken as a symbol of a far greater event that is happening. The witnesses to World War II are rapidly dieing and soon all we will have are pictures, Auschwitz, and written records.

We must not forget how evil men can be. That I think is the greatest service we can in memory of the millions murdered. To stand up and say 'I will not allow this to happen again.'

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

It seems that Democrats don't have a sense of humor about ANYTHING and an irrational fear of Fox News.

Anna said...

It seems the Dems suffer from Overseriousitis while treating Fox News the way vampyres treat the crucifix.