Tuesday, March 20, 2007


One has to wonder what kind of medication Democrats on the Hill are taking. When the anti-war rally fizzled from maybe 20,000 to just 1,000 in an hour of protesting, one has to wonder how firm in commitment the protesters are. In contrast it seemed the Gathering of Eagles counter protest held steady throughout, despite the weather.

So Pelosi, Murth, et al's continued insistence on surrender seems a tad strange if the constituency they are pandering to is so small and fickle. But they are holding steady on their desire to cut and run with this new Iraq War funding bill. There is the obvious hard pull out date in the bill that will invoke the veto of President Bush if it passes both houses of Congress. Also nestled in the bill are typical Christmas tree ornaments of pork barrel politics attached as amendments. The point of rolling in Katrina relief, drought relief, and even peanut storage in Georgia is to make Representatives and Senators who would vote no to this bill because of the pull out date to perhaps vote yes so their states and districts get some extra money for 'pressing' concerns. The Democratic leadership is trying to buy votes the old fashion way and in doing so they are doing the things that helped cause the Republican loss last November - out of control pork barrel politics.

Thirty pieces of silver has truly grown in value while the consequences are just as grave as they were two thousand years ago.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Well said!! I OFTEN wonder what medication many of the Democrats are on :-)!!

Anna said...

If I remember my Virgil right, they are lotus eaters. Or they have drank the waters of the River Lethes.

$20 billion in pork. Took them only three months to prove they are worse than the Republicans. Why do I say worse, they campaigned on a platform of reducing pork and they gave us this.

I would have laughed myself silly if with seconds to go before closing the vote one of those two Republicans that voted Yes changed their vote to Present like Stark did and the vote would have been 217 Yeas and 212 Nays.

This bill will not stand. The Senate version has a different list of pork projects. Which means if the Senate version passes, they have to conference with the House to iron out what pork to pass. And assuming this abomination makes it out of conference thankfully President Bush has said he will veto it. And kudos to the House Republicans for refusing a revote. The Democrats voted for defeat, let this be the millstone about their collective necks.