Thursday, February 22, 2007

WMDs found in Iraq

And the terrorist dead-enders are using them against civilians; in flat violation of all international accords and treaties like the Geneva Conventions. Please note Reuters barely covers how inhumane these attacks are before trying to deflect attention to alleged civilian casualties in a clash between terrorists and Coalition forces.

Chlorine gas was first used in World War I when Germans uncorked thousands of bottles of the gas that then proceeded to float across no-mans land to the French trenches in 1915 at Langemarck.

What does chlorine gas do to human tissues? Lets look at what a source on World War I has to say: Chlorine inflicts damage by forming hydrochloric acid when coming in contact with moisture such as found in the lungs and eyes. It is lethal at a mix of 1:5000 (gas/air).

What a horrible way to die, eyes being burned as the lining of one's lungs are literally burned out while trying to gasp for breath. And the monsters in Iraq are using it. Just another reason to keep killing them, for they are truly beyond the pale. With these actions, these monsters make themselves the equal of Saddam Hussein himself. It was the horrors of World War I where chlorine gas seared lungs and mustard gas burned the skin off men that lead to the outlawing of chemical weapons as a means of warfare. Anyone who still shows support for such scum are aligning themselves with butchers who like to murder innocents.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Well said! I'm frustrated that more people aren't pointing out what we have, about the fact that WMD's are actually in Iraq contrary to popular opinion.

Mike's America said...

And Democrats would simply abadon the innocent people of Iraq to such a fate, just as they did during the decades Saddam was killing them with WMD's and wood chippers.

These attacks are aimed just as much at U.S. public opinion as they are against Iraqis.

Anna said...

It all depends upon how savvy the person interviewed is, the opinion poll, how it was worded, and how they crunched the data.

Then there are pre-conceptions in which people turn blinders on and willfully ignore anything contrary to their opinions. Which is the antithesis of the scientific method but is the path to intolerance.

I know Jack 'ABSCAM' Murtha wants to cripple the US military and lose the war without having the cajones to actually do that in the open. Instead he skulks about trying to work in the shadows.

Since the terrorists can not be victorious against the US on the battlefield, the battlefield of public opinion is all that is left so they snipe and bleed everyone in Iraq. Which means their modus operendi is similar to Murtha's, the US must lose.