Monday, February 26, 2007

A Mental Boost

Wow, after working the whole weekend to correct a problam while suffering a fever of 102, I finally dragged myself home. Problem has been fixed and the fever, 102F, broke last night.

So go look in the mailbox and find a strange letter amidst the other letters. Drag everything in from the Mustang's trunk including the mail. After phoning parents that I made it back home safe I started to open the mail. First the strange letter. I carefully opened it, holding it away from me in case something funny fell out. All that was in it was a handwritten letter. Now who would be writing me a letter I asked myself, why one of the Red Cross people I had worked with in that shelter after Katrina and Rita. They were thanking me for the Christmas card I had sent, back in the 2005 time frame; I had assumed the USPS had merely swallowed up the card and I would never hear from them again. Well USPS certainly tried to, the card made it but what was with the card, a small gift, was missing. Oh well I shall count myself fortunate that the card made and they wrote back. :)

Now to aid in mending from fever, nap time.


Mike's America said...

102 and you were working?

Hmmm... not exactly the best way to protect your health!

Don't make me scold you again :)

Take care of yourself, get lots of good food, green tea, whatever it takes.

I haven't had much more than occasional itchy nose. Maybe it's the climate.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I haven't had much more than occasional itchy nose. Maybe it's the climate.

It's the global warming stuff. It's finally getting to you, Mike.

Hope you feel better, Anna. Nice to receive the card; although, I'm curious to know what the gift could possibly have been.

Anna said...

Well I did take today off, though work still called. Boss wanted an update on project, woke me from bed thank you much. ^_-

As for the item, some Air National Guard were assisting the Red Cross at shelters or down in the disaster areas. Promised to get a coin from one of the units. Well apparently USPS did not like a large metal coin in mail. Go figure.