Thursday, February 01, 2007

Barkin Arkin

Arthur Hadley in his book The Straw Giant talks about the Great Divorce. A mostly voluntary seperation between the military culture of the US and the civilian populace at large has occurred. How this gulf leads to misunderstandings and non-comprehension between the two. One sentence from that book leaps out to me in light of current events.

Nor will our armed services ever function effectively if much of America indulges in the luxury of seeing the military as an unwanted stepchild.

Unfortunately Mr. Arkin in his screed at the Washington Post goes far beyond that. To him the American soldier is not an unwanted stepchild. The American soldier is, instead, a brutal amoral monster who rapes and kills while extorting from the American taxpayer a luxurious lifestyle.

Mr. Arkin, the sign to the left is one that was erected at one of the better remote sites during the Clinton years fighting the drug wars. With tongue firmly in cheek, the sign thusly reads 'Remember - you volunteered -NO SNIVELING-'

So I will adapt that sign to have better applicability on Mr. Arkin. 'Remember - you wanted to be a reporter -SO REPORT-' And if you can not handle negative feedback from those whom you have slandered with your poisoned word-processor, then perhaps, to quote Truman, you should get out of the kitchen.

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Mike's America said...

I need to get one of those headline thingees... But I want MY headlines.

Arkin's attitude does not surprise me. It's so typical of the left.

Don't know if you remember that awful era as the Clintonistas were seizing control of government in 1993?

At a rehersal for the military flyover for the inaugural, one Clintonista hissed something like "damn military horning in on our parade." But a nearby Clintonoid responded "no, those are OUR jets now."

Then of course there was the general going into the White House for a meeting and said "good morning" to a young staffer. She turned and said "I don't speak to military."

Better get used to the military abuse if these people take back the White House in 2008.

Anna said...

I remember that comment. As those UH-60s and everything else flew over, the Clinton Administration realized it was all theirs. Nevermind such a thing as the Constitution or the volunteers who manned 'their' military. Bunch of self-centered loons who could never look beyond the next popularity poll.

Richardson, Obama, Edwards, Clinton; the pack looks mighty thin. Unfortunately the Republicans are not too swift either. Mitt and Rudy would be an interesting ticket. No McCain though, the guy weathervanes too much to satisfy his own ego.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Well said!!

Anna said...

Dee, all I did was vent a little. The ones truly 'hurt' are the ones in the military who are danger close. Arkin, in his little bubble, can not admit there are brave people willing to put their lives on the line for his life because it will make him a lesser person. Thus is the pitfall of having an overweening ego.