Monday, January 29, 2007

Newsflash - Capitol Hill Breaking News

Washington DC - News is still coming in but it appears some protestors used some kind of gas to break through the Capitol Police cordon and enter the Capitol Building itself. Before they could be apprehended the two protestors detonated backpacks spreading even more gas throughout the building.

Bethesda and Walter Reed hospitals report over three dozen casualties so far. There are also unconfirmed reports of several deaths.

Sounds alarming? It could have well happened this weekend when the USCP Police Chief and Deputy Chief ordered the police to pull their protective cordon back. This allowed anti-war protestors a chance to spray-paint slogans upon the Capitol steps.

Now lets play what-if. What if some protestors had loaded their spray-paint cans with Sarin instead of black paint? And they sprayed that in the faces of the police cordon? As the officers topple over dead or gasping, two more break out of the crowd wearing gas-masks and carrying backpacks. They rush through the collapsing line, even as the compatriots die of Sarin, and enter the Capitol itself. Here they split up to go in opposite directions seeking the air returns for the building air system. Even if the USCP react quick enough and manage to kill these two, unless there is a head shot, there is a chance the terrorists could still release the Sarin in their backpacks. Thereby killing even more people including the officers responding.

That is the threat Chief Morse and Deputy Chief Nichols failed to think about when they allowed those protestors upon the Capitol steps. This lack of imagination on their part in a post-911 world is inexcusable. They need to be fired post haste.


Mike's America said...

Just YOU try and spray paint something on the Capitol as an expression of your free speech rights and see what happens.

I wonder if perhaps the Capitol Police haven't been neutered by Nazi Pelosi?

Anna said...

Well they did spray-paint silly slogans and got away with it. Then the USCP had to spend taxpayer money to wipe off their politcal statements. I wonder when the ACLU will sue the USCP for infringing upon the protestors' Free Speech rights by erasing the grafetti?

Statements such as 'The barbarians are already inside the gates.' spring to mind after this.