Monday, January 22, 2007

A Cautionary Tale

At one time it seemed Jack Whittaker had been kissed by Tyche herself. Christmastime 2002, Mr. Whittaker was the sole winner of a Powerball lottery jackpot of almost $315 million. He took the lump sum payment of $113 million after taxes.

For the hard working grandfather it seemed his family's dreams had come true. Alas all too soon it seemed not Tyche nor the Norns were guiding his fate, but a malicious Loki. Several times as he visited strip-clubs, briefcases in his truck containing thousands of dollars vanished. Drunk driving charges dogged him. The cruelest blow to strike though was the death of his only grandchild of a drug overdose. She was a high school student, for her it seemed the windfall came too fast for her to handle as she drove brand new expensive cars to class.

Now it seems Jack is all tapped out as Kitti French sues him for assaulting her at a casino. It seems thieves vacuumed out Jack's accounts, leaving him with nothing. From riches to rags in three years.

What brings this up is the Powerball lottery this Wednesday has topped $200 million with an estimated $114 million for the lump sum option. Remember what happened to Jack if you are so lucky as to win.


Mike's America said...

Hey Anna!

I'll still take the lump sum. But I'll also take a limo to the strip club.

Anna said...

o.O Uuummm... okay. Well with that much money why not buy the club? Then could be the Hugh Hefner of the East Coast... -_^;