Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Got to love Reuters. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed has reportedly been killed by a US Air Force AC-130 in Somolia. Mr. Mohammed has been fingered as the mastermind of the two American embassy bombings that occurred in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. These bombings resulted in the brutal killing of over 200 people. And Reuters tries the human interest angel to garner some sympathy for the terrorist. Right.

Of course Mr. Mohammed could have avoided this grisly fate, being chewed up by 105mm, 40mm, or 25mm shells. He could have surrendered to American justice in 1998 or 1999, been run through the US court system, and if convicted he just might still be serving time sharing a cell with the blind sheik and getting legal counsel from Lynn Stewart. Alas he choose to be a fugitive and died running away from battle. No 72 dates or virgins for him.

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