Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gaol Time in the UK

This is not good. Britain has a potential leak that went to Iran.

Corporal James speaks fluent Pashtun, the language of most Afghans, and acts as an interpreter for Lieutenant-General David Richards, the commander of the British contingent of Nato forces in Afghanistan. Corporal James was arrested in Britain on Tuesday and charged within hours because of the seriousness of the alleged offence. It is understood that an intensive investigation was launched to try to identify the source of the alleged leak of information relating to Afghanistan. Britain has about 6,000 troops in Afghanistan, the majority based in Helmand province in the south. Action was taken so quickly that Lord Goldsmith, QC, the Attorney-General, had not even given the go-ahead for a prosecution before the soldier was told of the charge under the official Secrets Act.

Cpl James could get up to seven years in prison for this if convicted. Will the public ever know all the details? Considering how much was kept away from the press, maybe not. I wonder if British media will howl about star chambers and secret courts like American media does about Gitmo? Whoever is doing the leaking is putting their fellow British citizens in danger and it seems Cpl James is in a prime spot to learn things he normally should not know of a very sensitive nature. Let justice be done.

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