Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry Sticks Foot in Mouth, Again

Caught this over on Michelle Malkin and Captain's Quarter. The biggest service John Kerry could do to improving his political career is to shut up.

Telling college students to stick it out in college and get a degree or they may end up in Iraq is some really brillant advice. If a college degree is supposed to be an automatic out from serving one's country, then how did Lt. John 'Ghengis' Kerry get stuck in a naval uniform paddling the brown waters of VietNam looking for medals? Or is he his own poster child for stupidity?


Jim said...

That was my thought, exactly. Although there was a draft in the Viet Nam days, but it is hypocritical and disingenuous for his to claim his military service and insult our men in uniform.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I am beyond incredulous at his response to all of this. He has to be cursing You tube right now because his exact words are being played all over the internet and there is no way to pretend he didn't say it. And yet he still comes up with this pathetic explanation that he was attempting a joke about the president. What????? It makes absolutely no sense. He need s to just fall on his sword and apologize but he seems to be too arrogant to do that.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Poor character and extremely poor judgement, on his part. He just can't see himself, for what he is.

Mike's America said...

He was trying to make a lame attack on Bush for being an idiot and only made himself look like the prize idiot of all time.

Not to mention that Bush got better grades at Yale than Kerry and went on to get an MBA at Harvard.

Kerry's such a clown he had to marry money.

Sure am glad we all did the right thing in 2004. Now, if we can only do the right thing in 2006

Anna said...

John Kerry took over 24 hours to realize he might have goofed and everyone has to wonder how many people had to pile on him to get him issue his very lame apology. And people say dinosaurs had brains the size of tennis balls.

Judging by how many Democratic candidates are yanking the red carpet out from under John Kerry, the one trick pony of the Democrats just might have given the GOP an election treat.

Stick a fork in John Kerry if this proves true, for he will truly be done and out of the race for 2008 except as a dark horse of last resort, after Jerry Brown.