Sunday, August 13, 2006

What Price Peace?

The only good thing about Useless Noxious Resolution 1701 is it gives Israel another reason to attack Lebanon because Hezbollah will not stop the attacks. Nasrallah says so when he publically expounds from his spider hole they will resist Israeli occupation of Lebanon. Which is a violation of 1701.

The re-inforced UNIFIL will be only more shields for Hezbollah. France has already knee-capped its participation by saying disarming Hezbollah is a political matter. So France is saying they will not enforce 1556. But why should we be surprised since the Lebanese government has not or will not disarm Hezbollah.

And 1701 put on back burner the whole cause of this combat, the return of the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah with Lebanese knowledge. That is supposed to be worked out later. Thank you, you stinking feckless spineless cowardly vermin at Turtle Bay for making Israel abandon its soldiers while caving in to Arab pressure. The United States and Israel should just walk out of the place and watch the rotten eidifice implode, but they wont because they are decent countries who hold on to this cherished notion the UN might be effective one day. The UN has turned from being a possible harbinger of peace to a tool that supports all the evil in the world; from naked acts of agression to peddling in child-slavery rings.

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