Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ernesto Sloshes Ashore

After much hype it seems Ernesto will be merely a 'rainy night' in Miami according to Max Mayfield of the National Hurricane Center. And the chances of it gaining any strength when it pops back out into the Atlantic over the Gulf Stream are slim. But Fox News and others are now sounding the alarm bells for the Carolinas just in case Ernesto does strengthen. So stay tuned.

This time last year I was without power and in the dark as Katrina moved past me to the east. Since there was nothing to do and I was supposed to be up at 4am to help with recovery I went to bed while Katrina was still lashing my house with rain and wind.


Mike's America said...

Looks like I will get a good rain from Ernesto. So much for the hype.

Anna said...

Hopefully all you get is a bit of rain.

Mike's America said...

Barely enough rain to water the lawn. And hardly more than a breeze to go with it.