Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This is NOT Spinal Tap

Well some in the entertainment industry have cut the last mooring line to reality. The ultimate funny mockumentary has to be about the non-existent rock group Spinal Tap. Well Dave Stewart, formerly of Eurythmics, has teamed up with song muse Kara DioGuardi to create another never existed group called Platinum Weird. But unlike Spinal Tap the movie, they are playing it serious and acting like the group existed back in 1975 and this is just a rebirth. To further their departure from reality, Dave Stewart and company have enlisted friends in the industry to give testimony about the band back then. Even Interscope Geffen A&M Records does not make it clear this is a gimmick.

They call this a marketing ploy to sell the eclectic music that Dave Stewart and Kara DioGuardi accidentally created when they gathered to write for the Pussycat Dolls and none of the music was acceptable for this latest bubblegum-pop group.

I should not be surprised the following statement came from Stewart, who played the Caterpillar in Tom Petty's music version of Alice in Wonderland and has had drug problems in the past:
"We're in our own perception of our own world. So what's reality and what's not?"

Now I ask again, if people in the entertainment industry are this delusional and willing to mislead then why should anything they say be taken seriously? They are minstrels hired to entertain. Not paragons of politics or learning.

What caused this post? Catching on VH1 a music video by Platinum Weird. Lead singer is a cute blonde dressed like Stevie Nicks did in those early days of Fleetwood Mac but her lip-syncing leaves much to be desired. The music itself left me feeling unimpressed with a slow forgettable beat even as they recreated the style of those early music videos with psychedelic backgrounds ala Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. Next time Dave, please go ask Alice when she's six feet tall.


Anna said...

There are a very few "entertainers" who actually do something constructive with their fame (Bono-U2), but the majority...well, you know, you just stated it all.

Anna said...

I know, most are self centered prima donas who are loathe to do anything to risk their lives even while many succumb to drug abuse.

Those who are willing to defend this country are heroes. While most entertainers are just zeroes.