Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kofi Squawks

Kofi Annan, talking puppet of the corrupt, lecherous, incompetent, kleptocractic UN, has finally expressed some true outrage today in regards to Israeli efforts to rid southern Lebanon of its Hezbollah infestation.

During one of the firefights that Hezbollah, while hiding in civilian areas, engaged in with the Israeli, some rounds went astray. They hit one of the UNIFIL encampments. UNIFIL it must be remembered has been in southern Lebanon since 1978 as an 'interim' force sent to stabilize the region. Since UNIFIL took up its mission, Israel is on its third invasion of southern Lebanon to chase out radical Islamic terrorists who have been firing rockets into northern Israel. UNIFIL has even abetted Hezbollah in the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers when Indian troops were bribed to sell UN uniforms to terrorists, the now disguised terrorists then fooled the Israelis into coming with them and into captivity. And for eight months of the UN disclaiming their observation post had any video of that kidnapping, admitted there was such a video. As UNIFIL just stood there while the rockets flew into Israel, some 248 of this force have become casualties. I also remember seeing a spokesman of UNIFIL just days before this incident say on television that UNIFIL had no authority to enforce things. Which begs the question of why UNIFIL was even there.

Now with these four deaths, death of soldiers performing a mission that was hamstrung by their UN command structure into impotence if their own spokesman is to be believed; Kofi Annan dares to rail and thunder, to accuse Israel of deliberately targeting the observation post. Kofi shut up, it was the UN you lead that sent these soldiers on a fool's errand. It is you who bear responsibility for their deaths. You never voiced such vitriol while Rwanda descended into hell or UN forces stood aside in Srebenica as Serbian forces massacred thousands of Muslim civilians. Kofi, you and your words are dead to me; they are meaningless. As meaningless as the UN has become since Dag mysteriously died in a plane crash.


Mike's America said...

I'll be so glad to see the last of Kofi.

He's just a bit too cozy with the wrong folks:


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for Mike, word around the net has B.J. Clinton salivating for that job. If that's enough to bring on a shiver of delight to the libs. Anna, you are right, the U.N. has, like most labor unions, become so corrupt and insignificant that it should be immediately put out of its misery. But the libs would howl and howl if that ever happened.


Mike's America said...

I forget how they pick these guys. It's not like the Pope with either wet or dry straw.

Is it time for a non-African?

Tom said...

Clinton cannot replace Kofi. The UN charter, if memory serves, forbids the election/appointment of a Secretary General from any nation that sits on the Security Counsel.

But you really see where the UN is really at - anti-US, anti-Israel, anti-Semite, anti-Christian...need we go on? Hypocrites at best, thieves & murderers at worst.

Anna said...

Kofi has had to backtrack but the damage is done. Some impartiality there. UNIFIL mandate runs out next week, its dead. Which makes an intersting concept, UNIFIL bugging out while the shells fly though pretty sure the IDF will give them safe evacuation routes. Dont bet Hezbollah will since it would mean their blue shields are leaving.

Suddenly Kurt Waldheim does not seem such a bad Secretary General, just ignore the SS uniform in his closet. o.O

Anna said...

Kofi is useless, as is the U.N. They have done nothing to aid the peace and in more cases then not, their "peacekeeping troops" have raped and plundered right along side the people they were supposed to be opposing!

And yet, they sit in judgment of our troops and our administration and Israel for actually standing up and fighting for our own lives!

Anna said...

Maybe the UN used some of that khat to choose new Secretary Generals. Chew on the hallucinogen, think, mutter inane platitudes, and voila a new Secretary General is selected.

The UN is way past its best days.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I think that you are wrong. From the UN Charter, it sounds like anyone could be Secretary general as long as one of the members of the security council does not veto that person. However, tradition has been against high profile people and more toward smaller countries and less well known people. According to rotation, Asia is supposed to have the next Secretary general.


Mike's America said...

So if Pol Pot were still alive I'd say he'd be the frontrunner...Darn. Maybe Kim Jong Il can take his place.

Anna said...

Eeekkk now that is horrible MIke. The Elvis of Pyongyang as Secretary General. Will he scream "Ew r wurthless Arec Bardwin!" Lets not find out.

Hey I know, new reality TV show. "Who wants to be Secretary General of the UN?" Lethal weapons will be allowed.