Sunday, July 02, 2006

Entertaining the troops

Lisa Haze and the California Dolls at Anaconda in Iraq.


I really like one of the Army troops at the start extolling them to keep playing unless the boom is right by them. Oi! Footage quality is amatuer but hey looks like they are having fun, even if they are also armed. And watch out for the incoming beach-ball!

Playlist is: Venus - really like Bananarama's version though :), some Wipe-Out, Black Magic Woman, Pipeline, and finally Sweet Home Alabama.

PS: please check out this video from Gretchen Wilson called Politically Uncorrect.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the 2 years that I was in Vietnam, I never did see one of the USO or Bob Hope shows. A couple of times we had some Korean bands play for us and oh yes, the stars of McHales Navy came onboard for a visit. Mainly, because our ships were so unconventional.

We did have to sit on our gun mounts in case something happened so we could provide cover fire when one of the Bob Hope shows was going on at a land base close by. If I can remember correctly, this happened twice while I was there

Great Gretchen Wilson song. I would have thought that the Ditzie Chicks would have done something like this. (Deep sarcasm now off)


Anna said...

Anna, Here's another good video by Diamond Rio In God We Still Trust.

Mike's America said...

Isn't that great. And all those in the audience were packing heat too. Must be hard to clap with a rifle slung over your shoulder.

P.S. Andy J: Thank you for your service in Vietnam. 2 years in country is 20 months longer than John Kerry spent there.

Anonymous said...

John WHO??????????????
Thanks Mike

Anna said...

Sitting on a 40mm mount in brown water while Bob Hope was killing the troops on land with his routine. Dang did any of it travel across the water? My brain hurts just thinking of McHale's Navy on the rivers instead of the real Riverine Forces. Of course that would have really screwed up Victor Charlie in the head.

Yeah Gretchen Wilson has a peachy song there. Something the Ditzie Chumps would not have the courage to create.

Anna, that is a good song you pointed out. Thanks. :)

Audience packing heat, further encouragement for the perfomers to give it their best. ^_^;