Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Supporting the Revolution

Mike at Mike's America links to this touching story out of Havana Cuba. El jefe for life and beyond In-fidel castro supports the quest of illegal immigrants for the American dream while denying to his own people a chance at the American dream.

It seems somewhat suspicious that these demonstrations take place on May Day which is when the old Evil Empire, aka the USSR, would trot out all its military hardware while propping up such dinosaurs as Andropov who would mechanically wave while all that mechanized death&destruction rolled by.

That is why castro is really supporting this demonstrations, he is showing support for International ANSWER which shows a pronounced fondness for the good old days of the USSR. You know: food lines, toilet paper lines, and if you complained there was a line for the gulags too assuming the NKVD/KGB did not just shoot you on a whim.

These are the enemies to the sovereignty of the United States of America. Be vigilant and be willing to battle these minions of enslavement and destruction.

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