Sunday, May 28, 2006

Revisiting the Past

As I work on writing about an incident that happened yesterday I went cruising through the blogs. One that Captain's Quarters had really caught my attention.

It seems the junior Senator from the great state of Massachusetts is once again beating his war record tin drum. Supporters are gathering explosive evidence of how the Swift Boat Vets commercials were, well attacks. And this is a new approach? This was tried during the 2004 Presidential campaign and it went nowhere. To quote Yogi Berra, "Its deja vu all over again."

Thank you Senator Kerry for reminding me to ask one question of you. "Have you released your full and unabridged military records via signing that Form 180 yet?"

P.S. And once again Kerry your timing is horrendous. This to hit lamestream media on Memorial Day weekend? What were you thinking? Idiot.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I wonder if he still thinks of himself as a future Presidential candidate. *snicker*

Anna said...

That's just it...Kerry doesn't think! He wants the attention for himself and doesn't care if he runs over the memories of true military heros!

Mike's America said...

Kerry is SUCH a whiner! The only people that might get suckered in by this new effort of his were already moonbats. Nobody else gives a sh#t!

I can't imagine Dems taking him seriously for 2008 but who knows?

Anna said...

If Kerry is Democratic Presidential timber in 2008, they got an issue with dry-rot.

Jerry 'Moonbeam' Brown is a heavyweight in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the L.A. Times editorial recommending that Hillary NOT run for the presidency so that Bill could be elected as U.N. Secretary General when Koffing Anus steps down. I'm sorry Anna, but if that ever happens, and you laugh at my pessimestic opinion of the state of the world, I'll just have to...........well, I can't think of anything right now.

I hope that the Man Upstairs lets me live until the elections in 2008, from what I'm seeing on the news and net, the Democratic field could be a winner... Hillary, Gore, Kerry, Daschel (?????), Feingold. OMG what a field. The first primaries should be beyond words. The only thing that would make everything perfect would be if Swimmer Teddy decided to run Also.


Anna said...

I know AndyJ, I saw that Op-Ed and jaw went hanging loose.

The likes of the NY and LA Times worry about President Bush and his New World Order while they shill for their own idea of a New World Order run by the unelected UN and presided over by their bubba Bill Clinton.

That tells me how bad an idea Clinton and the UN are.

As for the possibles in 2008, no wonder Gary Hart is starting to look good. Even Joe 'Hey Neil May I borrow your speech' Biden is starting to look good. And the Democrats wont put forward Joe Lieberman because he supports the war on terror and Israel. Which tells me how bad an idea the Democratic Party is today.

Now if those stupid Republicans could get their act together.