Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Man Who Would Be King

I have been reading Vcrisis again, the news that happens south of the United States that never makes it here is astonishing. Like do you know 81 were murdered in Sao Paolo, Brazil when the convicts in prison rioted? But we hear about the guards at Gitmo getting into a scuffle with prisoners as the guards tried to prevent another prisoner from committing suicide.

Another astonishing piece of news from down south concerns Desperately Seeking to be President for Life Hugo Chavez. Read Suarez's post and be astonished. Chavez is trying to claim lineage from Moctezuma. We tend to call him Montezuma as in the 'Halls of Montezuma' in the Marine Corps Hymm of a latter clash between Mexico and the United States. Suarez has some presusive argument on why Chavez wants such lineage. It feeds his ego and places him a step above his ertswhile allies like Evo Morales. But think on it, Chavez is wanting to link himself to a guillable failed leader who was stoned to death by his own people. For someone who perceives himself as a great leader, being linked to someone who went down like Mussolini does not strike me as very smart.

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