Friday, May 12, 2006

Friendly Reminder

To Whom It May Concern in Iran,

The above is just a small sample of what the USAF can do. Be advised such special deliveries can be arranged for your consternation and our pleasure. All you have to do is keep acting as crazy as you have and it will happen.


Precision munitions means never having to say you are sorry.


Anna said...

Anna, unfortunately, I don't think ol' "Allmyjihad" cares what our USAF can do...he's that crazy!

Mike's America said...

I think Amadjihad would welcome an attack.

And I'm not sure we have the unity in this country to take the conflict to the next level.

What do you bet that if, GOD FORBID, Hillary gets elected, the lefties will be DEMANDING action against Iran?

RightWingRocker said...



Anna said...

I doubt if such pictures will deter the Iranian nutjob and his suicide seeking entourage, but there is always the faint hope of someone over there not being that insane and being able to do something before it gets that far. And it never hurts to encourage such thinking, there might be a laser spot on you and a bomb with your name if you don't act nice.

I am not holding my breath for it though.