Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wacky Races

As the US Congress dithers on securing the border and anti-US forces seek to paralyze any effort by America to protect itself from an illegal invasion by organizing protests of these illegals, the Mexicans are not taking chances as they swarm north to get across before any immigration amnesty deadline. I am awaiting the first Cheech&Chong effort from Tijuana. Or maybe the first balloon-chair north.

For those on the border trying to guard it right now, be careful since these people just might be a bit more desperate than usual. And the same goes to the Minutemen. Watch out.

For those who commented on whether the US can survive this invasion? Well at least some people in Arizona are taking it seriously as the state legislature make being an illegal immigrant subject to state law. Bloggers like Capt. Ed are speculating that Gov. Napolitano will veto it since she is a Democrat. Which, as others have pointed out, is very stupid since it ignores that classic Tip O'Neil-ism 'all politics is local.' Dear Governor, the people of your state are tired of being up to their eye-balls in illegal immigrants from south of the border. Don't veto it.

Still means we have to write many letters to our Congress critters to get a two prong effort rolling. First execute funding to build up the border barrier. Then talk about sorting out the illegals to see who can stay while shipping the rest south.

Lets get to writing to let our elected officials know that the pro-illegal immigration crowd does not have the biggest voice, that voice belongs to the US citizens who vote. Just as this problem was long in developing due to neglect and willful blindness, the solution is going to take some time so we can not afford to write just one letter or three letters, but multiple letters to keep this important issue hot.


Tom said...

You're right, Anna. If we don't let our elected clowns know what their constituents want, they’ll go along with the crowd & vote wrong.

Anna said...

I'm so frustrated with my "public officials" I'm disgusted! I have written to both my senators and my congressman on multiple issues, from state pork to backing the military and did not hear a peep from the senators and though I did hear from my congressman, the letters were in form style and barely touched on the subject I had brought forward! Errr! They are supposed to work for us!!

Anna said...

Maybe we need to march. Need to organize our own 527? But unless we make our voices heard then those who support this country being over-run by illegals will win.