Thursday, April 27, 2006

Life is stranger

There is this joke about 'You know when the circus is back in town, because the House and Senate have reconvened.'

Well the Spanish Socialists Party has decided to make a real circus of things. They want to grant gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans the same 'moral and legal protections that are currently enjoyed by human beings.'

The catch is in the second paragraph of the news release. If it becomes law, these primates will be accorded the same status as mentally handicapped people or minors. Which lets Spain off the sticky paw in regards to voting, paying taxes, and serving in the military for these new citizens. So Spain would gain a whole bunch of new people on the government dole by this proposed law since none of the new citizens would be of legally sound mind to manage their own estates.

Though it would be interesting if they elected a gorilla to replace Aznar, might see an improvement in governance.

Hat Tip: Cox&Forkum.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we could import them here, afterall, we have an election coming up and this government could use some new blood. They couldn't do any worse than what we have now, and they would probably take less graft.

Welcome back Anna, missed you


Mike's America said...

hmmm... I better fight the temptation to make a comparison here with (well I just better drop it)

The circus and the Senate reminded me of the time that the Circus came to DC. They marched the elephants down East Capitol Street right to the Capitol. Really cool. Almost as much fun as watching them march through Manhatten in the middle of the night a few years before.

RightWingRocker said...

Of course, watch the citizenship of the baboons soon lead to some nutcase wanting to marry one of them...



Anna said...

Thanks AdnyJ, just not had time to handle real posting. This just caught my eye and I had to make a comment.

Well the graft would be different, lots of fruits as pay-offs. And isntead of Bread&Circuses, be Bananas&Circuses.

Comparison to whom? Inquiring minds want to know Mike. :)

Kate at SDA has a picture of a chimp in a wedding dress. That did it for me RWR. Actually I think the only baboons in Iberia are found in Gibralter. Perhaps they will spread now, with this new law.

Mike's America said...

I'd better not Anna... Something about Democrats and illegals comes to mind, but I better not go any further with it.

Anna said...

Mike, sounds like a juicy story. It is yours to tell or not. Not mine to pry out of you.

Suppose we replaced Harry Reid with a baboon, would anyone notice?