Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bagram Part II

The hemorrhaging of jump drives at the bazaar in Afghanistan continues. The LA Times reports still being able to buy such drives, even after the crackdown from their previous expose.

U.S. military officials have been vague about the steps they are taking to improve security practices in Afghanistan and throughout the armed forces.

Perhaps the US military should detail an officer to walk through all areas of the base every day to search for unattended jump drives before the cleaning crews arrive. Write down where each drive was found and next day drop an Article 15 on that computer's user. Article 15s are non-judicial punishments but can lead to more substantive charges if the dereliction continues. That should get everyone's notice.

You have this impetus to employ indigenous workers," Sen. Jack Reed[RI-D] said. "But then you have the problem if some of them are engaging in theft. That
poses a dilemma. And that is the situation we face right now."

Actually Senator, they can pose an even greater risk since they know the configuration of every building on base and probably the purpose. Plus the tucking away of the odd piece of scrap paper. It can be Victor Charlie all over again as the mortar rounds sail in.

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