Friday, March 24, 2006

Rahman post

I find it interesting that only now is the media is taking an interest in how unforgiving strict Islam of the Sharia/Wahhabi flavor can be. Then again this case bolsters their extreme dislike of President Bush and his policies while forgetting other examples they have reported on in the past. The Taliban's destruction of the Buddha statues. The honor killings of raped women, many times the sisters of the rapists. The glorification of suicide bombers. All have been previously reported on and deplored until the United States took measures to fix the problem of the Taliban while Israel built its wall to keep the Palestinian lunatics in.

But with Rahman's plight they hope to bludgeon President Bush while wrapping their partisan attack in the white robes of moral indignation. Lets forget Eason Jordan admitting that CNN kept quiet about Saddam torturing CNN Iraqi employees just so CNN could maintain contact with that killer regieme. That is in the past and they hope we have forgotten.

No I have not forgotten the media's biased duplicity and it is atrocious that they do this while a man's life is at stake, almost literally at the stake I should say. Then again this is a great difference between Christianity and Islam. As the CPTs like to trot out, Christ was about bringing people back to the fold and forgiveness of past transgressions. This is reflected in the New Testament. Whereas in the Koran/Q'uran it is an obligation of every Muslim to kill as apostaste any who convert from Islam to another religion. What about the Inquisition I can hear apologists ask? The Inquisitions are in the past and the Roman Catholic Church has admitted to its errors in these matters and Second Vatican pushed forward a new concept in answer to the dilemma presented by Dante in his Inferno about the just unbelievers, Second Vatican said that even if a person had never heard of Christ but lived a just life then that person will have gained Heaven. What does Islam talk about when it comes to unblievers? It depends upon the sura and no collection of Imans has been willing to adapt the Koran/Q'uran since it was codified the century after the Proophet's death. But the predominant answer is death to those who do not follow Islam.

Until Islam is willing to adapt, then there will always be clash and blood. As for the poor man at the center of this tempest, I hope and pray Afghanistan can find a way to release him and that Rahman will have the sense to flee to save his life.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Islam is similar to the old Mafia, once you join, death is the only way out. It would be interesting to see what the reaction would be if the Sharia law about death to the person who leaves Islam did not exist. Wonder how many would leave the faith? Whole bunches would be my bet

Anna said...

How many would leave? Probably bucket loads to practice their own version.

Besides the Mafia, I am reminded of Suvorov's tales inside the GRU. Specifically of all new GRU agents being shown a film in which a coffin is fed into an incinerator telling them that was the only way they would ever leave the GRU.