Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cheese for brains

I wonder if they will create a new anti-drug commercial after this? Instead of the frying egg, a large helping of queso fresco with a voice over saying "This is what drugs do to your brain."

Why do I ask this? Well there is this 18 year old deliquient who mistook queso fresco for a sizeable amount of cocaine. Her eyes turned green and tried to hire a hit-man to remove the cheese owners from their lives. Luckily the supposed hit-man was an undercover police officer. So now Jessice Sandy Booth is behind bars. What is really scary is, she wanted to participate in the hit and make sure there were no witnesses. I hope they keep her locked up for a very long time. Got to keep her away from all that cheese.


Anonymous said...

She must be a CHEESEHEAD from Wisconsin. Does it amaze anyone else how stupid these people are after hearing how many police undercover cops are always propositioned for murder??? Why do they always pick an undercover cop????

Anna said...

Because they are too stupid to seperate what TV presents a hit-man as and reality. Just got to protect the Brie from such.