Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bill Clinton aided Iran?

I was looking for background information about CPT in Bosnia in 1996 when I stumbled across this eye-opening jaw-dropping bombshell which caused me to wonder where was I during this?

The Clinton Administration kept opposing Republican efforts to arm the Bosnians for fear it would undermine the embargo on Iraq. Parse that, Republicans in Congress were wanting to help the Bosnians to defend themselves from Serbian atrocities and Clinton was linking it to Iraq to oppose it.

Then when it became known that Iran was funneling arms to the Bosnians via Turkey, the Clinton Administration allowed it to continue instead of going back to Congress and those Republicans to lift the embargo. So the Iranians gained a foothold in Europe while Clinton passed the buck and then dressed it up as masterful realpolitik.

No wonder those mad mullahs do not take the US seriously. The Shah, Desert One, Beirut, Mogadishu, Iran-Contra, Iran-Iraq War, and even the shattered remnants called Yugoslavia. The US has weathervaned and that concept is burned into their brains.

How many people will pay for these mistakes in blood I have to wonder. As if many have not already paid in blood.


Anonymous said...

"How many people will pay for these mistakes in blood I have to wonder. As if many have not already paid in blood. "

Yes, but Bill and Hill will slide through, as clean as the driven snow.


Anna said...

Well if its New York City snow, then they will get a bit messy. And since they both live in the Empire State, there has to be some 'subtle' message in that, they are bound to get messy.

Tom said...

Bill didn't get through his presidency unscathed - he will always try to find something to take people's association with him & Monica.

Hillary, on the other hand, is doing her best to rise above her husband's idiocy by creating her own legacy. Not very well, but she is trying...

And no, I am not a Bill & Hillary fan. In fact, any time I type HRC's full name, I feel the need to wash my hands & sterilize my keyboard...

BTW - you are linked on my blog.

Anna said...

Unfortunately, our government has armed or allowed the arming of the "wrong" side more than once. And it usually comes back to bite us on the butt.

The Clinton's will always get a pass because Bill's a "good ol' boy" and no one wants to take on Hill. (she "plays" dirty)

Filou said...

Besides the Iranians, we allowed thousands of Saudi-backed Arab fighters to flood into the country. Not only did they commit atrocities but they also started spreading Wahhabism in a land where a tolerant version of Islam was practiced. While Iranian military personnel left after the Dayton agreements, many Wahhabis settled in Bosnia and have been actively converting large segments of the Bosnian population to their intolerant form of Islam.

Anna said...

Tom, I feel your Clintonphobia to an extent. The all encompassing passion for power those two display is staggering. And only the moral relativism of the Neu-Demokrats can explain why they have not been run out on a rail.

The US has not always picked winners to support. Neither can it be predicted the one supported will stay good. Then it requires moral courage to admit the mistake and fix it, like Noreiga.

Yugolsavia showed how apathetic Europe was to the plight of other people. And they only became involved after the NATO charter was violated to send NATO troops in. Just more misery heaped upon a land awash in blood and anger.

Mike's America said...

You may recall the oft-repeated Dem attack line of last week: "dangerous incompetance."

Comparing Bush to Clinton, I wonder how Dems have the nerve to utter such rubbish.

Iran... Another Clinton mess that will be left to adults to clean up.

Anna said...

Mike, very true. While Clinton slept, the world burned.